Permablitzes began in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia as a collaboration between permaculture designer Dan Palmer and friends and a South American community group. It has since taken the world of permaculture by storm.

Accourding to Permablitz Melbourne, a permablitz is:

Permablitz (noun): An informal gathering involving a day on which a group of at least two people come together to achieve the following:

  • create or add to edible gardens 
  • share skills related to permaculture and sustainable living
  • build community 
  • have fun

For those who have not participated in a permablitz, think of it as a modern day barn raising except the community comes together to establish a food forest or kitchen garden instead of a barn. We have decided remove the requirement that you have to had attended a previous permablitz in order to be eligible to host one yourself. The reciprocity clause might be reinstated later once we reach our 10th permablitz or so.

So this means that even if you have not been to a previous permablitz, you can contact us now with your project and if it looks promising we will do it! In order for your project to become permablitzed you should have:

1. Adequate funds to pay for the materials (trees, mulch etc.) 
2. Adequate time to meet with the organizers and designers beforehand.
3. A potential project that will be fun and educational for the guild.

Each permablitz must be preceded by a design by a qualified permaculture designer.

Permies establishing a food forest at our second permablitz.

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