26 Oct 2013

Permablitz 003 At Matt and Patricia's Place - Establishing a Food Forest and Fedge

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Sunday October 26th saw the Permaculture Guild of Southwest Florida come together for its third permablitz.  It was held at Matt and Patricia's place and was exciting in part because their property is "only" .33 acres.  Considering we planted more than 50 food bearing trees and plants including a wide range of huge canopy trees including three avocados, two mangoes, two lychee, a jak fruit, and macadamia nut, it really showcases that you don't need a lot of land to grow a TREMENDOUS amount of food.

First, some before pictures:

The staging begins...

Matt managed to score about 30 yards of mulch from a tree removal company that was working in his area.  It was great mulch and we used pretty much all of it as you'll see in later pictures:

Work begins.  Their kitchen garden was in prime Food Forest area so we literally planted trees into it.  As the trees are still small, the veggies currently in the garden can still mature and won't go to waste.  Once they are done, Matt and Patricia's new kitchen garden will be ready for planting on the other side of the house away from the Food Forest.

The image above showcases us building a very small hugelkultur mound for one of the three avocados.  Patricia and Matt's place is unique in that it borders a lake that drains their land VERY well compared to most properties in Southwest Florida.  As such, we didn't mound the vast majority of the trees much at all.  However, as avocados absolutely hate having wet roots for any prolonged period, we still mounded them a couple feet.

After a couple hours of work, we took a break and had a composting workshop where Alex taught us how to make compost in 18 days.  Below is Matt and Patricia's new compost pile:

The mulch starts to get filled in.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who came out today!  You're all truly amazing people.  And thank you to Matt and Patricia for being such gracious hosts.