20 Mar 2016

Permablitz 007 at the Hope Clubhouse - Establishing a Garden of Hope

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On Sunday, March 20th about 25 people came together for a permablitz at the Hope Clubhouse in Fort Myers. The Hope Clubhouse is a community of support for adults living with a mental illness and provides opportunities for meaningful work, paid employment, education, friendships and access to housing. Our good friends at ECHO and Edison & Ford Estates also helped make this event possible by donating plants.

In this permablitz we highlighted how the omnipresent green strips between parking lots can be utilised to grow an abundant amount of fruits and perennial vegetables while eventually providing shade for parked cars. We established a small food forest on the patches of land in between the parking lots and between the two buildings. The canopy layer consisted of Avocados, Mangos, Canistel, Black sapote, Longan, Jackfruit, and Sapodilla. Underneath the future canopy we planted copious amounts of Papaya, Cassava, Edible hibiscus, Katuk, and Okinawa and Longevity spinach. Plans top off the design with same scatter mulch, Pigeon pea, Cow pea and sweet potatoes later is in the works. Without further ado, here are some photos:

Most of the planting area was sheet mulched prior to the blitz with cardboard and compost.

The small food forest has been staged and is all ready to go in.

Let the Permablitz begin! Thanks to the News-Press for covering the event.

Starting to plant in the side of the building.

Now that all of the fruit trees have been planted and mulched now it is time to put in the understory crops.

Here is the side of the building all planted in.

Here is what we finished with. There is still a bit of mulching and planting the Hope Clubhouse can do once they acquire the materials. We recommend casting Cow pea, lightly mulching everything, and planting in sweet potato slips. What a wonderful way to spend a cool morning with overcast. Thanks to everyone who came out and thanks again to ECHO and the Edison & Ford Estates!